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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: ama and dan, that is what ann coulter says on twitter and even tweeted it looks like a nice day on thursday in berkeley. the university maintained it does not have a secure venue for her to speak on that day. the attorney says she's receiving support from both sides of the aisle as she takes on uc officials and campus police accusing them of violating their rights. >> i never thought i would be on the same side of an issue as bernie sanders and bill maher. >> reporter: it highlights a high profile speakers policy and where and when they can speak on campus. >> it's not in writing, it's not been publicized but it has been used to shut down two speakers that the berkeley college republicans have brought to cal. >> reporter: the university responded to the lawsuit writing
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uc berkeley has been working to accommodate a mutually agreeable time for ms coulter's visit which has not yet been scheduled and remains committed to doing so and all members of the berkeley and larger community including ms coulter herself remain safe during such an event. >> she questions the uc pd and says they stand down. >> unless somebody is about to be killed, that's their standard. if somebody is merely being beaten up, rocks being thrown and people punched in the head, that's not sufficient for the university police to intervene. >> reporter: they said they reviewed the response to the mylo incident and said they will take a different approach this thursday but did say there will be a high law enforcement presence. abc7 news. the national rival
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association, nra, is suing california. it bans the sale of semi-automatic rifles equipped with bullet buttons that allow users to quickly remove and replace ammunition magazines. the stricter laws came after the attacks in san bernardino. at the b.a.r.t. station in oakland saturday night, b.a.r.t. police are looking 40 to 60 young people who hopped this fare gates of this station and ran upstairs and robbed seven passengers of cell phones and bags and two riders beaten. they will be okay. there is surveillance video of this incident. in a statement today, b.a.r.t. said we want to stress this robbery is neither reflective of the safety of our system nor of public transportation generally. san francisco police are
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crediting a passerby for foiling a potential kidnapping in pacific heights. a 31-year-old woman was walking down steiner street near vallejo when a man got out of his car and grabbed her. she said that's when the good samaritan came to her rescue forcing the man to back into his car and take off. he was arrested a short time later and the woman is okay. police looking for a man who exposed himself in two stunts last friday afternoon. the first happened on gordon way and the second valencia drive. the suspect is a white male, 18-20 years old, long wavy blonde/red hair in a ponyt ponyt driin a black beanie and beige sedan. a man charged with murdering his neighbor and police s polics
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killed him after they argued over the price of a space heater and faces allegations of dismembering his body to conceal the fine and he is out of jail on $10 million bail and back in court next month. search teams found a couple missing after their small airplane vanished in the sierra. the pilot, brenda, and her husband, took off a week ago. 117 civil air patrol volunteers spent six days searching the plains for them. it did have an emergency locator but they never detected a signal from it. there were more delays including a construction project that proved to be more than a headache. more than 1,000 flights were canceled, frustrating travelers.
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leslie is live at the airport where it looks like it won't be done any time soon. >> reporter: no, it will be a while closing down the runway over the weekend reducing available runway force landing by 50%. 50% fewer planes to land. airlines had to delay and flights because of construction work being done. travelers are fed up. >> seven hours is a completely unacceptable delay. >> reporter: she is fuming because she didn't find out about the construction delay at fso until she checked in at cincinnati airport. >> nothing you could do. the plane was sitting there at the gate the whole time. so frustrating. >> two weeks ago they started a runway closure from friday night to monday noon. this weekend, more than 1,000 flights had to be delayed or canceled as crus repaved the
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runways. >> we let the airlines decide whether they want to reduce the schedule in advance or cancel flights. >> reporter: there must have been some disconnect between airlines and the airport or the airlines would have done more proactive outreach. southeast says we knew this was coming and we prepped for it and we are communicating with our customers when irregular operations affect their travel plans. travelers say they got vague answ answers. >> we never got contact other than air traffic control problems. >> reporter: there will be six more between now mid-atlantic june. more construction and delays and cancellations, flyers are advised to check their website for updates and pack plenty of patience, abc7 news.
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highway 160 near antioch is scheduled to be open in a few minutes. the driver was ejected from the cab and airlifted from the hospital with major burns. the other driver suffered minor injuries but you can see one side of his rig was destroyed. as you take a look at this live look at traffic, traffic in the area is much better now and roadways clearing up. meantime, real scary wake-up call on walnut creek after a car drove through a house. look at that. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson explains the homeowner says if he, his wife or two kids had been in the front room he would not have survived. >> reporter: a mercedes tore peter's home in two parts and the biggest lost is his security. >> i'm not safe in my house. >> reporter: the doesn't want his kids-year near the garage turned playroom. >> clear answer is no.
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>> reporter: a young driver took the curve too fast, went through a tree and smashed into one side of the house and landed through the other. >> he was very scared about the fact it wasn't his own car and i don't give a rat's -- bleep. idon't know what he was driving. the recommended speed is 25 miles an hour. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a car left the road. six months ago he landed in his front yard. >> we said, okay, we should be happy it didn't land in my house and thought this was just a one off thing but seems like it isn't. >> reporter: neighbors say speeding along these blind curves is a common occurrence. >> i see this everyday, multiple times a day. his family is staying with friends and not sure when they will move home or what he can do to protect them from another accident. >> reporter: will you build a
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wall? >> maybe i should talk to the president. >> reporter: abc7 news. warriors' coach, steve kerr, is forcing him to stay on the sidelines and they're talking about the hazards of back season. and we're learning how hurt some players are. >> unfortunately, a couple guys got hurt at the wrong time. also ahead, forget the musical lineup.
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the golden state warriors could clench their first round series with a win over the trail blazers. they have to do that without a key member of the team talking about head coach steve kerr. sunday night he announced complications from two back surgeries reoccurred with a vengeance. he missed a number of games
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earlier in the season. >> rehab rehab, don't let anybody get in there. >> reporter: through his pain steve kerr has advice for those considering back surgery. >> i can tell you if you're listening, if you have a back problem, stay away from surgery. i can say that from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: dr. steven lee is a spine surgeon. he said it can put pressure on nerves. >> when people don't respond rehab, getting in shape, changing their lifestyle or changing medical interventions like medications or steroid injections, some people end up having to choose to do surgery. >> reporter: kerr's complications was leaking spinal fluid that can cause severe headaches and nausea and other symptoms. >> good news is most people who do a small sur sur sur sur sur r
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diskectomy or laminectomy do very well. >> it has to have the right timing. we start out helping people first and foremost identify what their injury is, what stretches can they do? what exercises should they be doing to restore physiology, how can they eat and the importance of sleep. >> reporter: at this point it's unclear when or ever kerr can return as head coach of the warriors. abc7 news. >> we added this post to our abc7 news facebook page and you can add your good will wishes there or share the badge on your own page that you're sending him your best. for the latest updates on coach kerr's condition or warriors. they might have missed a chance for the stanley cup this weekend. they were knocked out of the
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playoffs at the center. center joe thornton played the entire first round with a torn acl and mcl from an earlier knee injury. we caught up with him today as he cleaned out his locker, he downplayed the injury. >> unfortunate, this time of the year. it happened three games before the end of the season to deal with something like that. hockey players are a different breed. >> reporter: the coach said thornton gave as courageous effort he ever could. he's an unrestrict free agent and hopes to come back to the sharks next season. cities use automated cameras only for red light enforcement. a bill by david chu would allow a five year program to catch people going 10 miles above the
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speed limit or more and tickets capped at $100. the state transportation committee held a hearing on this today. the measure passed privacy se committee next week. tesla will double its charging stations from 5,000 to 10,000, 5% more than previously pledged. they will be need ed. they expect to have 5,000 electric vehicles in 2018 including the ni model three this year. >> this might fuel things. the price of a gallon of regular jumped three cents nationwide. san francisco has the average lowest price at 3.04 cents a gallony 28 cents higher than last year at this time. come november, once the california new gas tax kicks in we'll have the second highest gas tax burden in the country at 41.7 cents a gallon.
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ouch. it's then expected to rise to 47.3 cents a gallon by july of 2019. from gas prices to beef prices. >> let's bring in michael finney for more on that story. >> i'm the good news guy today. >> your summer barbecue may include more steaks and burgers this year, prices dropping for beef, $3.58 a pound this past march 30 cents cheaper than last year and 60 cents cheaper than the year before. an abundance of supply is causing the price drop. while we're talking about food, your hershey bar may have fewer calories in a few years. they said by 2022 half of its individually wrapped standard and king-sized bars will have 200 calories or less. they are reformulating some bars and adjusting the sizes of
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others. right now, a standard hershey bar is 210 calories. your mom will tell you the mother's day gift you picked her is perfect. i'll tell you the truth. about half get flowers, less than 10% say they actually wanted them. about a quarter get jewelry. fewer than 10% want that gift. what does your mom want? a meal out. take her out for dinner. >> thank you very much. speaking of foods and big names we take the culinary stage at the napa festival. the organizers will have a list of cooking stars taking the stage a part of the show. martha stewart and jose andres a and -- >> sounds like a good time. good evening to all of you. if it's been too cool out and
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too cloudy. hang in there. we'll see a shift in our pattern. concord, 71 degrees. the next couple of days, below average. as we hit the weekend, we will be in the 80s. i know it's hard to believe, well above average this time of the year. live doppler showing you cloud cover, tracking a few drops around hamilton. a few showers very light around the bay area, some spots showing drizzle. in the sierra, turning to snow. you look at the radar crossing 80 into the tahoe area. believe it or not, i know it's spring, still looks like winter. the sierra snow pack is at 190% of normal. a beautiful scene. 59 in san francisco, low 60s, oakland, mountain view. for my abc7 news explorer, see
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the clouds stack up towards clay county. limp at 58 degrees. another live picture from the camera and you can see the clouds trying to peek through. it is turning windy and warmer late in the week. for tomorrow, your hour-by-hour forecast starting on the cloudy side, it is milder tomorrow afternoon. sun goes down and separates begin to fall. tomorrow, low 40s and 50s and clouds heavy around the region and the afternoon you will see some sunshine. temperatures responsibility as a resul. low 60s to low 70s. the system will brush the base between 10:00 and noon. could see light showers, very
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nice and a shift this week as we get a warm air mass moving into the bay area. you will feel the heat and before the warmth we get to the wind. from at midnight, over 40 miles an hour gusts, close to 40 miles an hour along the coastline. the winds will subside briefly only to pick unagain at point. you can track these changes any time you want. the forecast will feature lingering clouds the next couple of days. low 60s to upper 70s. and thursday bringing you much warmer weather, low to mid 80s. keep that warmth going. if you don't like the heat, we'll bring you 60s for saturday, sunday andmond.
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>> thank you. move over george jetson, there's a new flying car and you don't need a pilot's license to get airborne, next. coming up, the president's high stakes shut down, will he shut down on his 100th day. your report card for the president. workplace shooting in dallas all coming up. new at 6:00, 7 on your side, michael finney. it normally takes a couple weeks to get new tags and license plates for your new car. one family waited five months.
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facebook ceo cheryl sandberg is out with a new book. it is about recovery from grief. >> jessica castro from abc7 morning spoke with her about her book and her recovery.
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>> facebook, cheryl sandberg is candid about her heartbreak and isolation after the sudden death of her husband, dave goldberg. it's that candor you'll find in her new book, "option b." >> acknowledge other people's pain. don't not say anything. you can't remind someone about it. you can't remind me dave died, i know that. she was upset about his absence from her child activity and told her option a was not available, she had to make the most of option b. >> so often we don't know what to say or do. >> reporter: she told me option b is a guidebook not just for the person dealing with the tragedy but everyone rallying around that person. >> resilience is not something we have faked amount of. it's a muscle and we build it and we can build it by helping each other recover and helping each other find joy. >> reporter: the best way to help, don't ask, just do.
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any act of kindness no matter how small. meanwhile, sandberg hopes the book will help inspire option b support groups on facebook and option >> if you do that i think it honors him. >> reporter: she said the loss makes her feel more grateful. >> i will never make a joke about growing old again. it is a gift. >> reporter: abc7 news. mountain view base linked in reached another milestone. it has 5 million members up from 450 million last august. those half a billion members are spread out across 200 countries. the announcement address a fear some analysts had after they bought it for $26 billion, whether the company could continue to grow. evidently it can. a big honor for the founder of linked in, appointed by queen elizabeth as the order of the
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empire and says he is being honored for his entrepreneurial spirit and scholarships in the u.s. and uk. qatar airways added the united states as a destination and expected to begin next yea. it came after its rival emirates said it could cut service to the united states after the trump administration said it would restrict travel from several muslim majority nations. the biggest surprise is this is more of a flying boat. the new all electric aircraft from kitty hawk. the company provided this video. the faa calls it an ultra litele plane and don't need a pilot licenses. it is available for short flights in sparsely populated area. it goes on sale this year and no word on pricing.
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social media and a couple intruders and the selfie that helped them get back home. first, we want to thank wayne friedman. he shared it with us. share your
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coming up tonight on "abc news" at 6:00, a violent night on b.a.r.t., passengers mobbed with 40 to 50 young people and the security defaults and lack of recording cameras. a lesson for us to learn and do better next time. >> they've learned a lesson but at quite a cost. we're adding up the impact of friday's massive san francisco power outage. the new evidence proving a bay area family's claim that their pet dog was hauled off by a mountain lion, all coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00. we'll run that story down for
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you. here's a question. who let the goats out? i know. it's awful. >> it is still pretty green out there. but we're going to take this as the unofficial start of the fire season. who says grass has to be dry to be delicious? >> seriously, when it comes to fire prevention, they're some of the best in the business. they eat anything and it keeps us all safer. abc7 news found this herd of about 100 weed whackers today near the caldecott tunnel. look at them go. while we're on the subject of goats, i won't say that line again, a post on facebook helped reunite a pair of escaped goats with their owners in maine. >> a belfast maine resident discovered the goats snacking on cat food inside the garage and the sheriff fed them while he drove around looking for the owners and the owner recognized them on facebook.
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>> we appreciate your time. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. you president trump, the first 100 days. and tonight, the other countdown, just days now until a possible government shutdown. the high-stakes showdown, should american taxpayers pay to build the wall on the mexican border? at least at first. the president wants it in the budget. also tonight, the people speak. how do they grade president trump on the first 100 days. our trip across the country. what voters told me. from some, unwavering support. for others, the frustration mounting. the showdown with north korea takes a new and troubling turn. north korea detaining an american citizen and threatening to sink the "uss carl vinson." the massive flooding in the east tonight, the system then moving up the east coast. d.c., philadelphia, new york city hit next. rob marciano standing by.


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